Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

In the high-stakes arena of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), particularly in contests like the NFL $2.75M Fantasy Football Millionaire on DraftKings, precision and timeliness are as crucial as your player picks. However, in an intriguing twist that is more common than one might think, 55 out of 163,098 participants in the contest dated 12.10 ended up scoring zero – not due to poor choices, but simply because they didn’t submit their lineups in time.

While missing the deadline in such a high-profile contest might seem surprising, it’s a phenomenon that occurs more often than one might expect, even among seasoned players. The entry fee for this particular contest was $20 per lineup, meaning the collective oversight of these 55 participants added $1,100 to the prize pool – a modest sum in the grand scheme of the contest, but a noteworthy contribution to the ‘free money’ at stake.

This occurrence sheds light on an interesting aspect of high-stakes DFS contests. It’s not just the analysis, strategy, and selection of players that matter, but also the basic yet vital act of ensuring your lineup is submitted on time. For those looking to make their mark in the world of fantasy sports, this serves as a compelling reminder: alongside your player research and strategy, don’t forget the fundamentals – like beating the clock.